some of my favorite poetry books

It seems to be the season for list-making. Folks are listing the top books of the past year, top words used in their Facebook statuses, and of course the top gifts they hope to receive for the holidays. Inspired by listmania, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorite poetry books. This isn’t limited by year and it’s certainly not comprehensive; it’s just some books I really like and think many of my friends and students would like too. I’m sure as soon as I post this, I’ll have many moments of “how could I forget_________.” But for whatever reason, these are at the forefront of my mind right now. So here goes:

Nin Andrews, Why They Grow Wings
Daisy Fried, She Didn’t Mean to Do It
Barbara Hamby, The Alphabet of Desire
Terrance Hayes, Muscular Music
Michael Hettich, Like Happiness
Bob Hicok, Animal Soul
Tony Hoagland, Donkey Gospel
Laura Kasischke, Fire & Flower
Stephen Kuusisto, Only Bread, Only Light
Jeffrey McDaniel, The Endarkenment
Oliver de la Paz, Names Above Houses
Barbara Ras, Bite Every Sorrow
Shane Seely, The Snowbound House
Maggie Smith, Lamp of the Body
Alison Townsend, Persephone in America
Katharine Whitcomb, Lamp of Letters (chapbook)

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interesting low-res MFA focusing on social justice

I came across this ad, and it looked interesting. Some of my students have talked about the relationship between creative writing and social justice.

“The only low-residency MFA program specifically devoted to literature, community service and the pursuit of social justice.
Poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, with the flexibility of cross-genre and dual-genre exploration. Post-MFA certificate in the teaching of creative writing.”

Antioch University
Los Angeles

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