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I’ve come across some interesting calls for submissions recently, and there’s been a fascinating discussion of gender and literary publishing going on, started by VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. So I thought I’d post some links here, as well as pointing out that according to several magazines, they get more submissions from men than from women. To my students: look around your creative writing classes, and tell me how many of your classmates are male and how many are female. There are usually more women in creative writing than men, but they don’t send out their work as much. There are various theories as to why–but the message to all of you is: be relentless. Send out your work. Revise. Send out again. Don’t give up.

So check out a count of gender representation in some of the biggest literary publications in America at the VIDA website.

Consider some of the responses from journals and other organizations.

Then check out some of the wonderful publications you can send your work to on NewPages.

And look at a couple of calls for submissions from new-ish places Moonshot Magazine and Espresso Ink.

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